Mistreatment of the Ocean

Mistreatment of the Ocean

It's no secret that our oceans have been mistreated. We dump our trash in them carelessly, forsaking any ecosystem thriving beneath. All fish be damned, right? Wrong. It's often the ignorance of our kind that leads to the ill fate of ecosystems. It's time to make a change. 

At what point, as humans, can we look in the mirror and realize that we are the problem? Our ignorance has lead to millions of marine animal deaths, destruction of ocean ecosystems, and an almost irreparable future. Origins is trying to change these outcomes. You can learn more here. 

Here are 3 things that you can do to better our ocean's future: 

1. Stop using single use plastics. 

According to Live Kindly, single-use items make up 89% of the plastic waste in the ocean. On average, we dump 14 billion pounds of trash into the ocean, EVERY YEAR. I don't know about you, but that's absolutely atrocious to me. 

2. Buy sustainable products 

There are enough fast fashion brands out there. They'll buy cheap materials, sell them to you by the masses, and discard whatever they don't sell. The part that you don't know is how much waste is actually created just in the making of these shirts. That's why Origins is dedicated to providing ZERO waste clothing for you. Our products are printed only on demand, allowing us to minimize energy use and never over produce. 

3. Conserve Water Use 

Listen, I get it. I absolutely love a hot shower. The only problem with over using water is that the dirt that accumulates will wash right back into our oceans. Imagine sitting in your living room, enjoying a nice cup of coffee, when someone barges into your living room, covered in dirt, and just starts rolling around. Would you be mad? I sure as hell would be. We tend to compartmentalize our impact on the ocean and the living things roaming around in it. Let's spread awareness rather than ignorance. 

It's nice to see some positive change coming out of today's more aware culture, but it's truly only the beginning. A lot of these practices feel out of our hands as they're engrained into our every day habits and practices. Just start by making a small change, and from there, we can all make a bigger one. 


- Brady, Founder

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