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Save The Polar Bears Hoodie
Save The Polar Bears Hoodie
Save The Polar Bears Hoodie
Save The Polar Bears Hoodie
Save The Polar Bears Hoodie
Save The Polar Bears Hoodie

Save The Polar Bears Hoodie

$60 USD

Our Philosophy 

Our ecosystem requires balance. It requires us, as humans, to protect those who perhaps cannot protect themselves. It may seem like a task of nobility, but it is just our responsibility to repair that which we have broken.

Throughout the past millennia, we didn't worry about extinct animals. Animals roamed the Earth and we had no idea that things were supposed to be different. They were plentiful, robust. Things are different now. Our destructive nature has made things awful for different species and they are dying because of it.

Origins Apparel is here to restore the balance and remind you of where we came from. We're here to revive the animals that need our help to rebalance ecosystems around the world. For every item sold, we donate 10% of profits to the World Wildlife Fund to adopt an endangered animal with some products donating 100%! This is just the beginning. As we continue to grow, processes will be more sustainable, more animals will be helped, and a bigger impact will be made!

Where Do We Donate?

After weeks of searching, Origins decided to donate directly to the World Wildlife Fund. We are not directly partnered with them and are not a connected corporation, but we are proud to help support their cause! 

Origins uses an automated app called Give & Grow to automatically pull funds from each order as it comes in. Additionally, we provide screenshots and transparency on all social platforms! 

Who Makes Our Clothing?

Currently, our clothing is made by Bella + Canvas exclusively! By clicking the button below, you'll see exactly how the clothing is made and why it is zero-waste! 

Our packaging is recyclable, but we're hoping to move to compostable and reusable packaging in the very near future! 

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