Our Mission

For Every Purchase We...


Donate 40% to help save an endangered animal


1 Endangered Animal Adopted For Every 5 Sold 


Fund More Sustainable Future Practices

Endangered animals need a voice. We will be that voice.

- Brady, Founder

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Adopt Endangered Animals. Sustainably.

Help us protect endangered animals, their ecosystems, and our world.

Our philosophy

Animals play a critical part in ecosystems around the world. We need them to function. We need them to live.

Why our products?

Sustainably Made

Made with organic cotton and shipped in recyclable bags.

Give Back

40% of all profits donated to the World Wildlife Fund.

100% Transparency

We're committed to you. Reach out and tell us what we can do better!


Get exclusive information on endangered animals and how to help!

Thank you!

What we believe

Our ecosystem requires balance. It requires us, as humans, to protect those who perhaps cannot protect themselves. It may seem like a task of nobility, but it is just our responsibility to repair that which we have broken.

Throughout the past millennia, we didn't worry about extinct animals. Animals roamed the Earth and we had no idea that things were supposed to be different. They were plentiful, robust. Things are different now. Our destructive nature has made things awful for different species and they are dying because of it.

Origins Apparel is here to restore the balance and remind you of where we came from. We're here to revive the animals that need our help to rebalance ecosystems around the world. For every item sold, we donate 40% of profits to the World Wildlife Fund to adopt an endangered animal! This is just the beginning. As we continue to grow, processes will be more sustainable, more animals will be helped, and a bigger impact will be made!

Make Your Money Count.


The World Wildlife Fund

An organization dedicated to saving endangered animals, the World Wildlife Fund removes animals from dangerous environments and works hard to preserve ecosystems. They are an integral part of our donation structure and we're happy to be independent donors to them. Our goal is to help them adopt 1000 animals in the near future! Learn more about the World Wildlife Fund here.