Origin Rewards


We are focused on helping the environment, but we also care about you.

In order to make your experience with us as great as possible, we offer rewards on all purchases and actions!

Find out how to earn points, spend them, and get awesome gifts below!


How To Earn Points How To Spend Points

Make a Purchase

$1 = 5 Points

500 Points = $5 off discount

Like and Share on Facebook

1000 Points = $10 off discount

Follow on Instagram

2000 Points = Free Shipping

Earn on Your Birthday

Refer A Friend

Give 15%, Get 15%

on Any Purchase!


Where Can I Earn Points?

You earn 5 points per $1 spend automatically once you've created an account on the store. To earn additional points, look above to see how and engage with the launcher in the bottom right hand corner to make these actions.

How Do I Redeem Points?

Click 'Redeem Now' to see possible rewards you could redeem.

When Will I Get My Referral Reward?

Once logged into the program, send your unique referral link to your friend. When they click through the link, they will be prompted to give their email. Once the email is inputted, they will be given a starter reward. When they make a purchase on the store, you will get your referral reward.

Do I Need To Make A Separate Rewards Account?

Your store account and rewards account are the same thing. Once you've created an account on the store, or if you already have one, you'll have a rewards account also. It'll be the same login for both.

How Do I Use My Rewards?

Once the reward is redeemed, it will always be available in the rewards panel. Scroll down to the bottom and select 'My Rewards' to see unused rewards. The reward coupon will also be automatically emailed to you. To apply to cart, simply push 'Apply to Cart' when viewing the reward or copy and paste it into the coupon code/discount code section during the checkout process.