The Giant Panda Epidemic

The Giant Panda Epidemic

I believe it’s fair to say that they’re one of the most lovable creatures of the rainforest. Their black and white fur, cute actions, and humorous lives pull us in and make us care, without consideration of their real impact. 

Giant pandas roam the tropical rainforests of China and used to do so in plentiful numbers. They would go about, serving their ecological purpose, spreading seed and enhancing the growth of vegetation. It is because of the giant panda that the tropical rainforests in the heart of China bloom with some of the most beautiful and exotic plants known to this planet. 

This may all come to an end. As panda populations sink to the vulnerable level of 1,800, we’re seeing a huge loss in the natural ecosystem development of their habitat. 

Why is this happening, you may ask? As humans become greedy and intolerant, the panda’s habitat is being taken away from them. Inch by inch, foot by foot, the very forest in which they live becomes the property of another, or the property of no one at all. 

As humans cut down trees, hunt pandas, and make their vegetation enhancements eradicated, the panda loses the very ability to live and serve its purpose. Humans have been cruel to this lovable creature and due to this, pandas are at a huge risk of going extinct. 

Origins Apparel is trying to make a difference. Proceeds from our products will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund. This organization is taking prominent action in political legislation in China. They are influencing the very way policy makers think about this vulnerable species. They’re trying to protect wildlife by enforcing radical empathy upon the very people who make life difficult for pandas. 

It’s going to take time, but we’re already seeing progress. As of 2019, giant pandas went from being endangered to vulnerable, a step in the right direction. 

The Origins Project hopes to eradicate this status all together and allow them to live freely, in harmony with their natural habitat. 

Join our community today and help World Wildlife Fund and Origins Apparel make life easier for pandas. Protect wildlife, today.

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